Camping Lot FSBO – Levy County, Florida

Imagine owning your own camping lot in Northwest Florida.

Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh air, pine trees, the beautiful chirping of birds singing, and a soft breeze blowing through the trees.

You take a few gulps of water from your thermos, then start your day.

You break camp, throw your gear into the back of your pickup truck, and drive 7 minutes to …

Fowler’s Bluff, a public boat ramp to the Suwannee River.

You arrive at Treasure Camp, a rustic motel on the Suwannee River. From here, you can rent a boat and explore the Suwannee River, fish, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and even enjoy a delicious lunch at the Treasure Camp, a restaurant at Fowler’s Bluff.

You can make this imagination a reality … with your own camping lot that lies only 7 miles (7 minutes) from this beautiful, picturesque, gem of a place in Northwest Florida, one that is sure to inspire you, to fire up your imagination and remind you of the important things in life–fresh air, beautiful nature, a safe, friendly community, and a relaxed pace of life, in which you can enjoy the little things that you’ve been missing for so long.

The Property

When you return to nature, you discover who you really are, and this gives you a chance to reinvent yourself in the best possible way …

Grab this camping lot and experience the beauty of raw, untamed, natural Florida in all it’s wild glory … a one-time payment of only $4,900 dollars, or you can finance with $500 down payment and reasonable, affordable monthly payments, as little as $150 a month.

Capture the dream of beautiful North Florida, Levy County, Florida, the safest county in Florida, that’s been called “the gem of Florida” due to it’s raw beauty.

Experience Florida in it’s untamed and natural beauty, the forest, the fauna, the wildlife, the rivers, the springs, the parks … this is real Florida, and you get a chance to own a piece of it.

Get it, before someone else does. Contact me, Michael Kemp, at: 347-557-5487 / and let’s discuss payment options that work for you. This is a beautiful camping lot in a beautiful area minutes from the Suwannee River.

.09 acre – Levy County, Florida
parcel ID #: 0109707300
To verify, visit:
1. Click “search records”
2. Click “accept”
3. Search for parcel ID number: 0109707300
40′ x 100′ lot (4,000 square feet)
location: Jemlands unrecorded subdivision, Levy County, Florida

payment options:
sales price: $1500
contact: Michael Kemp / 347-557-5487 /

recreational camping lot:
Due to the fact that it is 40’ wide x 100’ deep, this lot is good for recreational purposes. You can use it for 14 consecutive days tent camping or even parking your RV (Recreational Vehicle). At the moment, there are no utilities on the property, so you if you RV camp, please keep that in mind.

Click the link below to see it on Google Maps:

This is a beautiful area, safe, with natural beauty of the raw, untamed North Florida wilderness, and your camping lot (good for 14-days camping) lies only 7 minutes away from Fowler’s Bluff, a free, public boat ramp the Suwannee River!

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For Building & Zoning questions, visit:

location: Jemlands unrecorded subdivision, Levy County, Florida

About Jemlands:
The Jemlands Lots are about 9 miles from Chiefland where Walmart, restaurants (BBQ Bills), library, walk in clinics, hotels, school, community college, and banks. Chiefland also has Manatee Springs State Park that has folks from everywhere coming there. Jemlands are also about 7 miles from the Suwannee River by access to a boat ramp in Fowler’s Bluff.

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A safe area:
Safe, rural, old Florida with nice, friendly people, beautiful state parks and springs, and the historic Suwannee River. This is raw, untamed Florida land.

nearby amenities:
9 miles: the town of Chiefland, with a 24-hour Walmart, restaurants, walk-in clinic, hotels, schools, and community college.
9 miles: Manatee Springs State Park (drawing folks from all over)
7 miles: The historic Suwannee River with boat ramp at Fowler’s Bluff

Comparable sales:
This area is an undiscovered gem in Northwest Florida. Maybe that’s why it’s called “Jemlands”. Get it while you can, before someone else does. A 1-lot parcel (same size as this) (parcel ID # 0109752300) sold in 7/1/2004 for $5,100 dollars! A single lot (40’ x 100’) (parcel ID #: 0109798900), in Jemlands, sold for $14,000 in 5/16/2007

Buy it now:
Hurry, get it before it’s gone!
Only $4,700 dollars. Contact me for payment options!
Call/Text: 347-557-5487 / email:

.09 acre – Levy County, Florida
40′ x 100′ lot
4,000 square feet
parcel ID #: 0109707300

payment options:
sales price: $1500
contact: Michael Kemp / 347-557-5487 /

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Helpful websites:
Levy County property appraiser
gov’t agencies
Levy County Clerk of Courts & Comptroller
Levy tax collector
Levy County boat ramps, public parks
Williston, Florida (Levy County) – safest place to live
Chiefland, Florida (Levy County) – safest place to live – zoning

Title Companies

Levy Abstract and Title
Levy County, FL

Gilchrist Title
Gilchrist County, FL

Banker’s Title
Old Town, FL

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Buy it now, before someone else does!
sales price: $1500
open to financing with $250 downpayment
contact: Michael Kemp / 347-557-5487 /