Facebook Marketplace sucks for Trying to Sell Land Online: A 2020 Review

Facebook Marketplace is absolutely the worst place to try to sell real estate online. Why? Because of the enormous number of people sending messages like: Is this available?

Yes. It is available. That’s why it is still listed.

Think about the type of people who scroll their phones on Facebook for hours at a time. They live in a fantasy world. They’ve probably modified that profile picture of themselves.

I’ve posted my properties on Facebook only to get inundated with hundreds of messages that begin with: Is this available?

Then, I reply, with a copied-and-pasted: Yes, it is available. Please visit the website TheLandDepot dot net. At the website, click on “Featured Properties”. All the details are there. Thanks!

At this point, I usually get one of two replies …

First reply: Thanks. (And rarely if ever hear from them again.)

Second reply: How big is the lot? What is the price? is there septic and well and power? Do you finance? (All these questions are answered at the website. I have 42 lots for sale. The price depends on the lot they are interested in buying.)

Facebook Marketplace sucks for selling Real Estate online.

Facebook Marketplace sucks.

Facebook sucks.

Mark Zuckerberg appears to be a non-human entity.

Facebook Marketplace sucks for trying to sell land online.

Facebook Marketplace Kinda Sucks

Facebook Marketplace Sucks!

Facebook Marketplace becoming Unusable?

Facebook Marketplace Sucks

Facebook Marketplace is Terrible – Why I Hate Facebook Marketplace

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