Define What You Want

Define what you want.

Once you define what it is you want, and head in that direction, you’ll find that the entire universe conspires to help you get there.

Move forward with a smile, a natural curiosity, and a positive attitude, while maintaining a state of gratitude and thankfulness to God, and you’ll be delighted at the results.

Whatever you do, don’t take anything personally. It’s not failure, just feedback. It’s only a failure if you fail to learn.

Let’s talk about you.

Are you happy where you are in your life?

Are you happy … financially?

If not, what are you going to do about it?

Not, what are you planning to do, but what are you going to do?

You must do something different to get somewhere different.

Sometimes, getting what you want in life requires sacrifice.

In order to get what other people are not getting, you have to do what other people are not doing.

Have you heard or read these expressions?

Essentially, all of these statements say that you need to do things differently, in order to arrive at a different place in your life.

The power of choice is the strongest power you have.

Every decision you make leads to another life.

The ability to decide, and then to act on that decision, determines your destiny.

Every decision you make leads to another life.

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